Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Figures (Sukumizu collection)

Figured (HAHAHAHA) that since I have so many figures I might as well start making posts on the~m...So here's the first one. I've gotten a couple more since this photoshoot, but I am WAY too lazy to take more pics right now.

MOETAN figures will get their own post in the future.

2 Heart's Nanako by Kotobukiya

Sukumizu Rei by Sega

Gijinka/Genderbent Nool by Yujin  
 This guygal has a friend as well, but I didn’t feel it was worth getting an individual pic of.
Rika by Banpresto
 I have since gotten the companion Satoko and Hanyuu figures
Ritsuko by Toranoana

And her fucking deformed counterpart, by Max Factory
 This little delight was included in the box with the good one. I guess the seller just really wanted to get rid if its possessed-looking eyes, always staring.
Yoshida Kazumi by Banpresto

Ooba Eimi by Kotobukiya
 This things pretty low quality, very rubbery, and the face looks like crap, but I really could not resist the stellar combination of sukumizu, gym uniform and underboob.
Nekomiya Nono by Kotobukiya
 Love this one. 1/6 scale, well painted…And DAT POSE.
Komugi by Yujin
I've actually got another one of these babies in-box on our TV stand thing. Scored it at the Fanime swap meet. I'll do another post in the future with the rest of my Komugi figures and some artbook scans.

Also I did this...because...Apologies in advance to you ear drums.


Carousellian said...

I love the Rika fig! Makes me want to take pics of mine too :3

April said...

I don't know anything about Anime but I love figurines and action figures.

Anonymous said...

dat forehead

So many swimsuits *-*