Monday, October 25, 2010

Amphigory wig comparisons

Bangs trimmed and styled slightly

 Shown next to wefts harvested from Alisa

 Fibers on this one are teeeeeeerrible

 Crimped fibers at roots didn't dye at all

 Obviously styled a lot. Pic for color/thickness

Ones from before I thought to take pics pre-styling. Pics to show color/versatility

 To show color. Wig is an Ashley 850 with lots of extensions, for reference.


Ada said...

Useful guide! I might get Sindi or Tina :o

RobotAmputee said...

There's a seller on ebay, superoutlet2009 I believe, who has the most amazingly soft and fluffy wigs I've ever touched o: You might want to give them a try too!